Ritual On Black Mountain

by Of Doomed Morale

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Forestt Guinn
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Forestt Guinn I love this album for the feeling of hopelessness it evokes in me. Even the up-tempo riffs feel bleak. And the unintelligible growls and screams sound like they came off of a cellphone recording from a call placed in the thickest forest of Canada. All the more complimented by the occult inspired lyrics that feel incredibly genuine and creative in an age where those themes have been all but been reduced to tropes and cliche's. These songs are dark, scary dark. Favorite track: The Haruspex.
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Recorded January - November 2014.

"So what happens when you have two 19-year-olds isolated on the prairies of Canada who want to destroy the world, one monolithic riff at a time? You get Of Doomed Morale"

Experience the bludgeoning and ethereal new concept album from Saskatchewan's premier drone/stoner/doom metal band Of Doomed Morale, titled "Ritual On Black Mountain".

Synopsis: After studying and preparing for all of his existence, an immortal pilgrim in an ageless time makes a trek to save the world. He makes a pilgrimage to the black mountain, a place of great evil, in order to conduct a sealing ritual on a cosmic tear created by an inter-dimensional demon who has been trying to use said tear as a door way into our plane of existence for many millennia. During the pilgrim's ascension of black mountain by route of an illuminated golden path, he comes upon a village which is situated on a plateau. The leader of the village calls upon the pilgrim, slaughters a goat and marks the pilgrim's forehead with a sigil written in the blood of the offering, and prays, "bless you, for you will bring the end". They send him on his way. As he continues on his climb, spectral guardians along the path cloud the pilgrim's mind with visions of apocalypse. The pilgrim stops to briefly rest on a ledge and notices a monk meditating cross legged in a white robe on a stone lip slightly below him. The pilgrim goes to investigate. The monk greets him by name, and without another word unwraps a ceremonial blade sheathed in cloth and skins and disembowels the pilgrim. Upon investigating his liver and intestines the monk introduces himself as a Haruspex and after replacing the pilgrim's innards with tar and sawdust he confirms that the pilgrim will bring the apocalypse. The Haruspex wraps the now-skinless pilgrim in his robe and sends him on his way. The pilgrim finally makes it to the altar situated on black mountain's peak, conducts the expulsion ritual and instead of the ritual sealing the demon out of our dimension, it causes the demon's portal to burst open fully. This brings forth a torrential rain of fire and sulfur. The demon enters our realm, brings an end to all of mankind and the earth mother rejoices that the parasite which once covered her flesh has now been purged. The earth lives on for all eternity and the pilgrim's life long duties of saving the world have been fulfilled.

1. Pilgrimage (Instrumental)
2. Black Mountain
3. Lights
4. Goatsblood
5. The Haruspex
6. Apparition
7. The Moon Devoured The Sun
8. Endtimes


released November 3, 2014

Jacob Wk - hatred, bile, venom, rhythm guitars, lead guitars, vocals, lyrics, and bass. Engineering, editing, and production.

Mark Jarocki - misery, blood, mysanthropy, percussion, lead guitars, acoustic guitars, vocals, lyrics, and bass. Engineering, mastering and production.



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Of Doomed Morale regina, Saskatchewan

The sound of the two-piece outfit is blurred and droney, shrouded in a overwhelming fuzz that makes the listen quite a painful experience.

The music conveys a psychotropic vibe, an aura of gloomy decay; the voice is a drone-drenched bellow, as drone-drenched as the rest of the instrumentation. Go blindly into the abyss.

Of Doomed Morale is comprised of Jacob Wk and Mark Jarocki.
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Track Name: Lights
Walked for
For ten thousand
Grueling days
'Til flesh separates
From heel.
On the horizon
The behemoth
Grows larger
And larger
And destiny
ever nearing.
Expulsion Ritual
Will soon be complete
And rest will
Surely come
rest will
surely come
rest will
in The
form Of
Death's warm
And Loving
And rest will
Surely come
And take
The form
Of deaths
Warm and
Loving embrace
Track Name: Black Mountain
Years of
Ceremony and preperation
Drilled in embedded
All that remains:
A shell
Cold and
"Ascend the golden path"
Mind melts
Pours out
As mercury.
Was once
Filled with
Good intention.
Along the
golden path
claw and
pull and
Whisper lies
"Ascend the golden path!"
Track Name: Goatsblood
At his arrival
They greeted
him by name
As if his apearance
was expected
They Slaughtered
A young goat
And marked
The pilgrims
With thick
Coal colored blood
Bless you,
for you will turn
this world to black
what you've been told!
They marked
his forehead
And spoke
"Bless you!
For you will turn
This world to black"
Track Name: The Haruspex
The Haruspex
Sits cross legged
On the plateau
Ceremonial blade
In hand
Pilgrims skin,
Discards it,
gift to vultures.
Pilgrim swiftly
And examines
his innards.
He sutures
The wounds,
After wrapping
The Pilgrims
ragged frame
In a
A white
Hooded cloak
He spoke,
"you will
bring the end"
Track Name: Apparition
hear ye mankind!
the voice of satan!
recieving command
to pray to the black altar
hear ye mankind!
the voice of satan!
recieving command
to pray to the black altar
command him!
Lucifer rise
Grand apparition
WIll rise
Track Name: The Moon Devoured The Sun
The parasite
Has been purged
Cement scabs
And steel/ glass growths
Are slowly overgrown
By a fresh green embrace
As gaia breathes
A sigh of relief
Her Black top chains
Crumble and shed
As gaia breathed
A sigh of relief
Her black top chains
Crumbled and shed
And the moon
Unhinged her
Gaping jaws
And devoured the sun
Track Name: Endtimes
Sky is broken
Cloud line broken
Revealing a
Red, swirling sky
The earth will consume
The Structures of man
That dot the earth's
Landscape like
Ragged festering sores,
Grey, on vibrant green